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Who we are: Team

Sumita Pillay-Dason


I have been practicing law for 30 years, with the last 15 years in Guelph.

I began my practice in Singapore as in house counsel of its National Land Planning and Land Development Agency for 10 years followed by real estate and general practice in Nova Scotia before settling in Guelph. I started practicing in Guelph in 2002 with the law firm of Hungerford, Guthrie and Berry and then on my own in 2010.

My varied practice experience has given me a wide perspective on many different types of issues. I am also involved in the Guelph community and the County of Wellington and able to take into account local concerns.

I take a keen interest in tailoring legal solutions to your specific needs and circumstances offering timely and sensible advice.  I offer a comprehensive practice area. I look forward to meeting you to discuss your legal concerns.


Leah, Rachel and Tiffany

Legal Assistants

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